True and Estimated Movement

The results we acquired from our two estimators are provided in the subsections to the right.

True SARAL Trajectory and False Killer Whale Movement

The following figures depict all of the data we acquired through Movebank and  Note that we used the estimators on a subset of this data.

Fig. 1.  SARAL trajectory for one period depicted in blue and false killer whale movement in pink.  A satellite’s trajectory does not have to directly intersect with the platform to communicate with it, since satellites have about a 500 kilometer reach.

Figure 2 shows false killer whale movement alone.  We chose to depict this movement on Google Earth and not on a regular plot, because it provides a better idea of where this movement is occurring in particular.  For example, from this Google Earth picture, it is easy to see that the false killer whale movement is taking place just off of Hawaii.

Fig. 2.  False killer whale movement occurs off the coast of Hawaii.

Figure 3 shows SARAL trajectory but from a different perspective.  We included this image to show that SARAL does indeed make one full rotation around the Earth during one period.

Fig. 3.  SARAL trajectory around the Earth for one period.