All of our surgeries comply with IACUC policy on Rodent Survival Surgery (PDF)Analgesia Guidelines (PDF) and meet all regulatory requirements.

Stroke ModelsPrice * Before Hope Center subsidy of 36%.*
Middle cerebral arterial occlusion$ 175
Brain infarct volume analysis$ 50
Subarachnoid hemorrhage$ 120
Photothrombotic stroke$ 125
Global brain Ischemia$ 120
Drug/Virus/Cell Delivery
Stereotaxic brain injection$ 100
Brain cannula implant$ 140
Osmotic pump implantation$ 75
Blood vessel cannulation$ 45
Imaging Surgeries
Cranial window preparation$ 100
Other Surgical Procedures
Tracheotomy for ventilation$ 75
Parabiosis$ 98
Splenectomy$ 50
Ovariectomy (Rat only)$ 50
Castration$ 30
Tissue Collections
Cerebrospinal Fluid collection$ 35
Blood collection$ 35
Organ Harvesting$ 35
Perfusion and Fixation$ 40
Non Surgical Procedures
Consultation$ 100/hr
Post-Op Care$ 15/day  $90/week
Blood pressure$ 33/hr
Cerebral blood flow$ 33/hr
Temperature$ 33/hr