Parabiotic joining of two organisms leads to the development of a shared circulatory system. Parabiosis is useful in the study of obesity, chronic diseases of age, stem cell research, tissue regeneration, diabetes, transplants, tumor biology, and endocrinology amongst others.

Cost: $310/pair before Hope Center Member subsidy.

Post-Operative care

This procedure will cause the rodent to experience a moderate pain level. Your animal will be given buprenorphine SR, which will provide pain relief for 72 hours.

The following is the responsibility of the client and not included in procedure price.
For an additional fee, surgery core personnel will complete the following tasks and fill out the required DCM documentation (surgical record cards).

Post-Surgical Monitoring Card

Card Instructions

  • Monitor for 12-24 hrs for signs of pain and distress such as shaking, lethargy, chewing of tail, arched back, lack of grooming, etc.
  • Check surgical wounds for infection and that the cannula is clean.
  • Mark the green card daily for 2 time points and note the date sutures are removed on the front of the card. The card must remain on the cage until the sutures are removed in 7-10 days.
  • Keep the card for 2 years.

Special Instructions Card

  • House individually.
  • To minimize strain during eating and drinking, provide moist food and water on the cage floor for the first week.

Additional Monitoring Requirement

In addition to the green card, monitor the animals daily for 14 days in total on a separate log. Watch for infection and pulled sutures in particular.

Download a printable PDF of these instructions »