Middle cerebral arterial occlusion

The middle cerebral arterial occlusion (MCAO) process includes preparation, surgery and post-operative care.


Preparation is done outside of the sterile surgical field and includes the following steps:

  • Create sterile field
  • Weigh animal
  • Pre-emptive analgesia
  • Shave hair
  • Asepsis
  • Eye lubricant


The sterile field is maintained throughout the surgery to minimize infection, and includes the following tasks:

  • Anesthesia
  • Vital signs monitoring
  • Local anesthesia
  • Incision
  • Carotid isolation
  • Suture insertion
  • Suture removal
  • Artery ligation
  • Wound closure
  • Hydration

After surgery, the rodent is cared for and monitored for 2 hours.

  • Analgesia
  • Antibiotics
  • Temperature regulation
  • Hydration

Cost: $177 before Hope center member subsidy.

Post-Operative care

This procedure will cause the rodent to experience a moderate pain level. Your animal will be given buprenorphine SR, which will provide pain relief for 72 hours.

The following is the responsibility of the client and not included in procedure price.
For an additional fee, surgery core personnel will complete the following tasks and fill out the required DCM documentation (surgical record cards).

Rodent Post-Surgical Monitoring Card

Required for every surgical procedure, is the responsibility of the researcher and must be kept for 2 years.

Card Instructions

  • Monitor for 12-24 hrs for signs of pain and distress such as shaking, lethargy, chewing of tail, arched back, lack of grooming, etc.
  • Check surgical wounds for infection.
  • Mark the green card daily for 2 time points and note the date sutures are removed on the front of the card. The card must remain on the cage until the sutures are removed in 7-10 days.
  • Keep the card for 2 years.

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