IDDRC Model Systems Core: Animal Behavior Subunit

We provide comprehensive, high quality and efficient behavioral phenotyping services to IDD Investigators.

The Animal Behavior Subunit (ABS) of the IDDRC provides behavioral characterization and analysis of rodent models to IDD Investigators at Washington University and other collaborating research institutions.  Our time-efficient and cost-effective analysis capabilities extend across multiple behavioral domains including that of social behavior, learning and memory, sensory and motor function, approach/avoidance, repetitive & restricted patterns, circadian rhythms, reward behaviors, feeding behaviors, among others.  Our services include study consultation, behavior data collection, animal handling, data management, and statistical and graphical analysis. We also serve our community by providing a monthly Behavior Journal Club for discussion of recent papers in behavioral neuroscience with a focus on circuit dissection, new behavioral assays, and model characterization, as well as a monthly Behavior Special Topics discussion seminar of behavior-related themes aimed at broadening the behavioral analysis understanding and skills of our IDD community staff and trainees.