Standard behavioral phenotyping protocols

Piloting and optimization of non-standard protocols available.

1 hr locomotor activity and explorationMorris Water Maze (Reversal)
24/48 hour Activity monitoringMorris Water Maze (Standard)
Accelerating RotarodMouseRat Home Cage Monitoring
Acoustic Startle/Prepulse InhibitionNeonatal Motor Assessments
Activity Wheel & Complex WheelNovel Object Location
Balance BeamNovel Object Recognition
Barnes MazeNovel Object Recognition – Tactile
CatWalkObservational Fear Learning
Cohort check in, weights, physical examOpen Field
Conditioned FearReactivity to Handling
Developmental Assessment AssaysResident Intruder
Elevated Plus MazeSelf Grooming Test
Forced Swim TestSensorimotor Battery
Full Developmental DigiGait with 2 adult speedsShock Sensitivity
Grip StrengthSmall Force Plate Actometer
Holeboard Exploration and Odor Preference Short – Social/Non-SocialSocial Approach MOUSE (3-chambered task)
Holeboard Exploration and Odor Preference – Autism RBB ProtocolSocial Approach RAT (3-chambered task)
Home Cage FED3 Feeding BehaviorSpontaneous Alternation Y-Maze
Home Cage Sipper Sucrose PreferenceSurface Righting Reflex
Juvenile Rat Ultrasonic Vocalization RecordingsSwim Test
Large Force Plate ActometerTail Suspension Test
Light/Dark BoxTube Test for Social Dominance
Marble Buryingvon Frey Tactile Sensitivity
Maternal Isolation-Induced Pup Ultrasonic VocalizationsVirtual Optomotor System (VOS, Acuity and Contrast)