Partial listing of topics currently being investigated by our lab:

Political psychology, broadly defined

  • Factors that induce “shift to the right” effects—which would include the tendency for liberals to temporarily respond in a more conservative manner
  • Rally ‘round the flag effects (e.g. after the 9-11 attacks)
  • Consequences of mortality salience for political judgment
  • Cognitive and affective biases surrounding choices for political candidates
  • The psychology of the “undecided voter”

Biases in Judgment and Decision Making

  • “Wishful thinking” effects
  • The role of expertise in increasing and decreasing judgment bias
  • Personality dynamics behind “conspiracy theories” (e.g. what type of person tends to hold such beliefs?)

“The justice motive”

  • The role of “just world beliefs” in driving judgment and behavior
  • Emotional consequences of revenge
  • “Sins of the father effects”; how and why people transfer blame across generations
  • Perceptions of fairness
  • Distribution of wealth and resources across ethnic groups (e.g. Whites vs. Blacks   vs. Hispanics)

al of Personality and Social Psychology, 59, 676-691.  PDF