Research Interests:  Social welfare in resource-rich countries, child poverty in resource-rich countries, global social work & sustainable development


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Aytakin Huseynli is a doctoral student in social work at the Brown School at Washington University where she also earned her masters of social work degree. She studies the effect of resource curse on vulnerable population and social welfare in developing resource-rich countries. Her other research interests are global social work, global child welfare, and parenting. She is interested in teaching social welfare in resource-rich countries, statistics, research methods, global social work, global social policies and global child welfare.

Before entering the doctoral program she served as a country director of Hilfswerk Austria International and Second Deputy Member of Executive Committee at International Federation of Social Workers. She also founded Azerbaijan Social Work Public Union (AZSWU) which is the association of professional social workers in Azerbaijan ( and has been serving as Chair of it since 2015. Prior to the doctoral program, Huseynli’s work encompassed educational, program, and policy development in Azerbaijan. She was an instrumental leader in the organization and establishment of the social work education and profession in Azerbaijan, subsequently accruing 7 years of experience teaching social work and social policy courses. In addition to introducing social work to Azerbaijan, she worked with the government of Azerbaijan on reforming child protection system in the country and actively lobbied for governmental policies and services for children and their adoption. Notable services she established includes; the first small group home, family training-counseling, family support centers, and the development of a legal framework and implementation mechanisms for foster and respite care services in Azerbaijan.

Currently, she serves on Editorial Boards of International Social Work Journal and International Journal of School Social Work. She is the member of Social Services in the Context of Conflict Network and continues her leadership as a Board Member and Chair for AZSWU.

Selected publications:

2017 Implementation of deinstitutionalization of child care institutions in post-soviet countries: The case of Azerbaijan; Aytakin Huseynli. Child Abuse and Neglect. Volume 76, 160-172; DOI: 10.1016/j.chiabu.2017.10.020

2017 Book review for International Social Work journal: Social Welfare in East Asia and the Pacific. Sharlene B.C.L Furuto (Ed), Social Welfare in East Asia and the Pacific.

2017 Predictors of Child Marriages in Azerbaijan: Multilevel Analysis. Aytakin Huseynli. Eurosia Partnership Foundation. Volume 1

2014 Reforming Child Institutional Care in the Post-Soviet Bloc: The Potential Role of Family-Based Empowerment Strategies; Leylya Ismayilova, Fred Ssewamala, Aytakin Huseynli. Children and Youth Services Review, Volume 47, Part 2, December 2014, Pages 136–148;

Selected awards and fellowships:

Civil Society Scholars Award, Open Society Foundation, 2015-2016. $6000; Research title: Examining Association between Resource Curse and Child Welfare in Natural Resource-rich Countries: Case of Azerbaijan

St. Mary’s College Women’s Fellowship, Durham University, UK, 2014

Resident Scholar of Academic Fellowship Program and Higher Education Support Program (AFP/HESP), Open Society Foundations, 2005-2013

Social Work Fellowship Program to study Social Work Masters degree in Washington University, Open Society Foundations, 2002-2004

Recognition by the International Federation of Social Workers, 2016

Award of the US Embassy and The US-Educated Azerbaijan Alumni Association for development of social work in Azerbaijan, 2012

Award of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality of Turkey and Turkish Association of Social Workers for development of social work in the region, 2013

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