Cassie Adcock, History.  Modern South Asia.  Current book project, Cattle Wealth and Cow Protection: Dharma, Development and the Secular State in India, 1881-1969, is on sentiments, practices and politics of cow protection.

Venus Bivar, Environmental history; France. She is especially interested in how capitalism has shaped food production and distribution, from labour practices and land holding regimes to international trade and subsidy structures. Her first book, Organic Resistance: The Struggle Over Industrial Farming in Postwar France looks at how the desire for economic growth transformed the French farm system into a global powerhouse, while simultaneously prompting critics of industrialisation to develop alternative systems of their own.

John Bowen, Anthropology.  Comparative social studies of Islam.  Current project concerns food technology and halal certification in Europe.

Stan Braude, Biology.

Gayle Fritz, Anthropology (emerita). Paleoethnobotany, New World domesticates.

Lora Iannotti, Brown School of Social Work, Director E3 Nutrition Lab.  Maternal and young child nutrient deficiencies related to poverty and infectious diseases. Epidemiological methods to investigate interventions aimed at reducing stunted growth and development. Projects in Haiti, Ecuador, and East Africa where she collaborates with local partners to investigate animal source foods and small livestock and fisheries development. She is founder of the E3 Nutrition Lab, working to identify economically affordable, environmentally sustainable, and evolutionarily appropriate nutrition solutions globally.

Scott Krummenacher, Environmental Studies, Sustainability Exchange.  Food justice, urban agriculture, St. Louis Urban Vitality and Ecology Project.

Carolyn Lesorogol, Brown School of Social Work.  Pastoralism, East Africa.

Xinyi Liu, Anthropology.   Origin of modern food webs; food globalization in prehistory.  Director, Laboratory for the Analysis of Early Food Webs.

Natalie Mueller, Anthropology. Ethnobotany, early agriculture, lost crops.

Ken Olsen, Biology.  Evolution of crop wild relatives; genetics of crop domestication; rice; genetics of de-domestication and the evolution of weedy crop derivatives, particularly weedy rice.

E.A. Quinn, Anthropology.  Human milk, breastfeeding.

Glenn Davis Stone, Anthropology and Environmental Studies.  Political ecology, agriculture & food production, biotechnology, India, Philippines, US.  Current projects include history of industrial agriculture and the Green Revolution, GM crops in Global South, smallholder agriculture in Appalachia.

Corinna Treitel, History. Germany, food history.

Helina Woldekiros, Anthropology.  Early food production, pastoralism, agricultural diets, Horn of Africa.

Rafia Zafar, English.