I am a Ph.D. candidate in Computer Science at Washington University in St. Louis (WashU). I am currently advised by Dr. Nathan Jacobs in the Multimodal Vision Research Lab (MVRL).

I obtained my M.Sc. in Computer Science at WashU. I completed my undergraduate degree in Computer Science at The University of Mississippi, where I worked on efficient Medical Imaging under Dr. Yixin Chen.


My current work focuses on solving geospatial problems using Deep Learning and Computer Vision. This involves some combination of computer vision, remote sensing, and self-supervised learning. More specifically, I develop methods that allow seamless interaction of multiple modalities such as text, geospatial data, and images for Earth Observation.


Sat2Cap: Mapping Fine-Grained Textual Descriptions from Satellite Images
Aayush Dhakal, Adeel Ahmad, Subash Khanal, Srikumar Sastry, Hannah Kerner, Nathan Jacobs
CVPRW (EarthVision), 2024

GeoBind: Binding text, image, and audio through satellite images
Aayush Dhakal, Subash Khanal, Srikumar Sastry, Adeel Ahmad, Nathan Jacobs
IGARSS, 2024

FroSSL: Frobenius Norm Minimization for Efficient Multiview Self-Supervised Learning
Oscar Skean, Aayush Dhakal, Nathan Jacobs, Luis Gonzalo Sanchez Giraldo
Preprint, 2024

GeoSynth: Contextually-Aware High-Resolution Satellite Image Synthesis
Srikumar Sastry, Subash Khanal, Aayush Dhakal, Nathan Jacobs
CVPRW (EarthVision), 2024

BirdSAT: Cross-View Contrastive Masked Autoencoders for Bird Species Classification and Mapping
Srikumar Sastry, Subash Khanal, Aayush Dhakal, Di Huang, Nathan Jacobs
WACV, 2023

Learning Tri-modal Embeddings for Zero-Shot Soundscape Mapping
Subash Khanal, Srikumar Sastry, Aayush Dhakal, Nathan Jacobs
BMVC, 2023

LD-SDM: Language-Driven Hierarchical Species Distribution Modeling
Srikumar Sastry, Xin Xing, Aayush Dhakal, Subash Khanal, Adeel Ahmad, Nathan Jacobs
Preprint, 2023