Install Lidar and Laser Filter

YD Lidar Package Installation The Lidar comes with an open-source ROS package of Lidar nodes. It is an user-defined, independent package which is not included in the set of released ROS packages we installed previously. Thus, it needs to be installed separately, in a workspace other than the workspace used for ROS. The instructions below […]


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Documentation and Tutorials

Introduction This documentation covers the technical details about using ROS to acquire and process the sensor data needed for our project. There are three main parts:  ROS Installation, Using ROS on YD Lidar (obstacle avoidance) and Using ROS on Pi Camera (object tracking). What is ROS? ROS (Robotic Operating System) is a “set of software […]

Install ROS

This documentation covers the technical details on using the YD Lidar with the Robotics Operating System.   ROS Installation   To set up the environment for running the Lidar, ROS needs to be installed first. We chose to install the Kinetic version of ROS because it’s relatively new and has stronger supports for various functionalities. […]


  Raspberry PiCar Object Detection, Tracking and  Obstacle Avoidance   Sept. 3rd. – Dec. 9th. 2018   ESE 498 Capstone Design Project Proposal Submitted to Professors Trobaugh and Feher and the Department of Electrical and Systems Engineering   Group members Amelia Ma, Electrical Engineering, B.S., Chufan Chen, Electrical Engineering, M.S. and B.S.,   […]


Future Improvements

Improving Obstacle Avoidance Algorithm   Currently, our obstacle avoidance algorithm is not really sophisticated. It can only tell whether there is an obstacle right in front of the Lidar, but not the ones on its side. Additionally, the next turning direction and the turning angle are also inflexible: only three directions are supported (left, right, […]



What is a Raspberry Pi Car? A Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized computer that can run Linux (and other OS) to do almost anything your computer can do. It can be simply connected to a monitor/TV, keyboard and mouse and be used as a regular computer. Because of its low power consumption, it is used […]